How did LABB happen?

LABB was set up after a group of writers graduated from The Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse Young Writers programme. The Young Writers Programme saw us develop a full length play with the Head of Literary at The Everyman and Playhouse as well as us taking part in regular writing workshops. As a group we learnt to develop our skills, work together and understand how professional theatre is made. We read a lot of plays, watched a lot of plays and formed a long standing working relationship. We are LABB. We make theatre in Liverpool.

Who are LABB?

We’re a group of writers making theatre in Liverpool in our free time. If you’d like to learn about the writers associated with LABB then have a look at our writers page. It’ll tell you all about each writer and the work they’ve done. You can even contact them if you’d like them involved in your next project.

What work have LABB done?

LABB have created four previous nights of theatre, they were Pub, ChildhoodFetish and Bowie Nights. These theatre nights consisted of short plays written by, sometimes starring and directed by LABB members. Everything LABB does is off their own back. We fund the nights, find the venue and write the scripts. LABB is a hard working collective of writers.

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