Bowie Nights happened in November 2015. Bowie Nights saw 4 of LABB’s writers responding to David Bowie’s Hunky Dory album and creating 4 short plays. Bowie Nights took place at The Lantern Theatre in Liverpool.

Side A

LABB Poster for Heroic and The Art

Heroic by Ruth Hartnoll

Evie wishes she was braver, she wishes she was able to stand up for herself a little bit more. After a chance encounter at an office Christmas party Evie begins a friendship with the courageous Joan. Soon Evie finds herself dressed up as superhero on the 75 bus trying to win the attention of the office heart throb Adam, all with Joan at her side. Has Evie finally found someone who understands her in Adam? Will Joan shut up for five minutes and listen? Heroic celebrates female friendship and how, with a good friend at your side, little can stop you.

The Art by Tom Critch

In a dilapidated old house at the bottom of a street there’s a very old woman who can do very strange things. Tommy says she’s a witch. Yeah right says Jimmy. Can she really grant wishes? What begins as a laugh soon spirals into insatiable greed, demonic hunger and encroaching darkness.

Side B

LABB poster for Sunken Dreams and Quicksand

Quicksand by Matt Gabrielli

Inspired by the David Bowie song of the same name, tells the story of Lou and Pete two high school friends visiting the grave of a legendary rock star, a tale about rock music, teenage angst and friendship on an afternoon which will change their lives forever.

Sunken Dreams by Steph Dickinson

He cut up newspapers for lyrics. Rearranged the fragments so they made some sense, then put them to music. Suppose life’s a bit like that really. You take what you can find, and mess about with it so it almost fits together. And that’s supposed to be enough.” Three generations of the same family connect through song and failed ambitions, in this story of change – or lack thereof.