Curated by Gemma Curtis

This LABB night took inspiration from our childhoods. Curated by Gemma Curtis this night was imaginative, fun and a little bit silly. Four of our writers let out their inner child and unleashed havoc on our stage; children played in high rise flats, boys chased each other around a forest, old friends were reunited and two men shared their childhood love of James Bond. This night featured the work of Ruth Hartnoll, Matthew Gabrielli, Alex Joynes and Joel Whitall.


The B.A.D Club

By Ruth Hartnoll
Jax and Ed are excluded from a boy’s club and they set out to create their own. Their clubhouse is an abandoned high rise. They have an invisible gate to keep them safe. Secrets and friendships expose themselves in this unlikely setting and the boys discover more about themselves than they expected.

A Genuine Bond

By Joel Whitall
Two young fathers meet outside their daughters school and proceed with the constitutionally awkward small talk. They soon discover (largely through acappella of Goldfinger) that despite their different upbringings and current social standing their love of their childhood and times gone by are as common and strong as ever.

Sleeping Knights

By Matthew Gabrielli
Two grown men reminisce on childhood days they spent in the woods together. This short play focuses in on one particular day where they are shown a magical cave by a wise old man. The men go on a journey of discovery as they realise the events from their past have deeply effected their present. Playful and heart warming ‘Sleeping Knights’ captures a forgotten past.

Friends Reunited

By Alex Joynes
Rebekah has spent her whole life running away from her traumatic childhood. Now, with the reappearance of Mad-Donna, Rebekah is forced to confront the best friend she never wanted.

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