Curated by Ruth Hartnoll

Delving into the darker side of human nature was our Fetish night. Curated by Ruth Hartnoll this night titilated, excited and unnerved. Hardware stores, domestic fetish, drag queens and superheros were just some of the places that our writers drew inspiration from. This LABB event gave goosebumps to everyone that attended. It also featured two fantastic burlesque performances by Mimi Amoreand Lola Rogue.

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Queen Dream

By Gemma Curtis
A tale of revelation, transformation and determination. When the headline drag act Lady Cha Cha is upstaged by new-kid-on-the-block, Kyla Kandi, she threatens to have her kicked out of the show for good. However, an unlikely friendship blossoms and the two develop a bond that can only be shared between two queens. Behind the wigs and the makeup sit two vulnerable men sharing talk of their past, present and future. Throw in some size eight heels, some witty dialogue and a bottle of gin and here we have Queen Dream.

KA Pow!

By Matthew Gabrielli
A woman decides to become a costumed vigilante after becoming aware of the underground movement. She teams up with another superhero called Night Badger. They serve the people and fight crimes to help those in need of help. When it all goes wrong one night what will happen to these two unlikely heroes? What morals will be bought into play? Told entirely from a woman’s perspective ‘Ka Pow’ is a lively and energetic monologue with real heart and humour.

Don’t Ask

By Charlie Lindgren
A woman confronts her boyfriend on a kink she would like to play out. His reluctance brings to the surface an incident he’d rather forget. Both funny and relatable this short piece examines what it means to live with someone who wants you to do something you may not be ready to do.

Take It Like A Man

By Indigo River
In ‘Take it Like a Man’, Bob Flanagan unravels the logic behind his hardcore masochistic behaviour as he recalls his childhood being looked after by nuns whilst he suffered from Cystic Fibrosis. Twisting innocent childhood cartoons, and listing sadistic B&Q inspired sex acts, you will fall in love with Bob’s fucked up body and beautiful mind.

Fetish Night Gallery

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