All of the visuals for Writers LABB are created by two very talented graphic designers. You can learn about their work below and hire them for yourself! This is what LABB means when it says it loves working with fellow creatives. No matter what your medium is we’d love to get you involved.

Designer Anthony Jaycott

Designed our posters for Pub, Childhood and Fetish

Growing up in the provincial town of Crewe, Tony dabbled in various things that he usually wasn’t good at, but the one thing he never quit was drawing. He got a degree in illustration at Liverpool School of Art & Design, and since then has mostly been drawing stuff for posters and magazines, fitting in personal works where and when he can.

His work often has a surreal humour to it that people respond to differently. He likes to draw things with an aesthetic from bygone decades, which Tony thinks has something to do with his Granddad, who was a tailor. You might notice he struggles to draw men without putting them in smart suits!

Though his compositions are fairly wacky, complicated affairs his methods are quite basic – working purely with pencils and fine-line pens. Although no luddite, he’ll use photoshop to colour his work, but generally avoids digital means. Tony likes to experiment with different ways of using lines, mark-making, and various methods of hand draw typography.

Designer Jordan Yates

Designed our posters for both Bowie Nights
Jordan’s Behance Portfolio 

Born and raised in the pie munching town that is Wigan, Jordan now works as a Graphic Designer in Manchester and lives in Todmorden which is a lovely place to live, even though Todmorden means death and murder in German.

Before moving to Todmorden, Jordan graduated with a 1st class honours degree at Salford University in Graphic design, and has worked in various digital and design studios over the north west.

Jordan’s a big lover of Vector graphics and the digital age – however he still can’t resist a really nice paper stock. When Jordan’s not designing he can be found playing in the outdoors…or eating. Sometimes both.

Tony’s Portfolio

Jordan’s Portfolio

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