LABB’s unique approach to making theatre puts writing at the centre of everything we do. We redraft, brainstorm and read as a group to make a piece of theatre we would want to see. That’s why LABB is made up of writers. Our writers make everything happen. We are LABB.

Gemma Curtis


Gemma is a writer from Liverpool who completed her degree in English and Creative Writing in 2013. She directed Playing Away in our first event Pub, curated our second evening of fun ‘Childhood’ and her short play Queen Dream was performed at our third scratch night Fetish. As well as playwriting, she is also a keen blogger and is the Fashion and Decor editor of

Ruth Hartnoll


Ruth works in marketing as a full time copywriter, she is that asshole Bill Hicks warned you about. She has a first honours Creative Writing degree from LJMU. Her theatrical work has been put on by Lady parts Theatre Company and Contact Theatre. She has been published in In The Red, Untold Method and Heroine Zine. A frequent guest blogger, you can also read Ruth’s work on blogs such as Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop. Ruth is happiest when surrounded by words, or trying to find a better word for ‘words’. She lives in Liverpool with her cat Suki and dog Finn. Read more of her work on her site.

Steph Dickinson


Steph Dickinson is an accidental playwright, who fell into theatre via the inaugural Ticket To Write competition in 2012 (where she came third), and hasn’t managed to escape since. She’s had short pieces performed by Contact, LUDS, and Chester Performs. Her one act play ‘Occupied’ was put on by Big Teeth as part of the Shiny New Festival 2014. Political activism is her first love, and this often finds a way to bleed into scripts despite her not-so-great efforts. She enjoys dialect, dark humour, and overheard bus conversations.

Matthew Gabrielli


Matthew Gabrielli is a graduate of the Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse young writer’s programme. His worked has been performed in the Liverpool Playhouse Studio, The King’s Arms Salford and The Lantern Theatre. He has worked with Blast Theory, Daniel Bye as well as writing for previous LABB nights. He is currently Associate Writer with The Lion Tamers Theatre Company, who produced his first full length play Removed & Destroyed. In 2014 he took his first show to Edinburgh with fellow LABB member Gary Lunt, he has also written for BBC Radio Comedy. His dream is to write for Doctor Who.

Joel Whitall


Born and raised in Belfast, Joel found his passion for acting in theatre later than most, and his creative pen later still. He would best describe his writing style as absurd humour, influenced heavily by Samuel Beckett and the Coen brothers. Biggest achievements to date: he has had one of his short plays performed in the Liverpool Playhouse studio and has performed in the Edinburgh fringe.

Gary Lunt


Gary graduated from LJMU with a degree in Film Studies in 2010. Since then he has been a runner up in the ‘London Shorts’ comedy film festival, self-published a volume of poetry, co-written a James Bond themed comedy ‘Bondage’ which sold out a short run at The Lantern Theatre and is currently preparing to take a stand-up show to Edinburgh. He hopes to continue creating new & exciting work with his fellow LABB members.  

Tom Critch

Manchester based buffoon Tom Critch has been writing since 2012. But if Inland Revenue ask he’s been dead for 36 years. He’s worked with CofilmicGhost Dog Productions, The Claremorris Drama Fringe festival and Grin theatre . He’s a freelance script reader for You Go Far Productions, is currently working on a series of mockumentary shorts for Sin Infit Productions and a feature length treatment. He adores The Who, quoting Bruce Robinson and hearing Gary Lunt’s stories. Claims to loathe social media but has a profile on Ideastap. What a hypocrite.

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