2016: I’m mad as hell and i’m not gunna take it anymore

Taking its namesake from the infamous moment in the 1976 film, The Network, our next night will touch on divisive subjects from 2016, including Brexit, the Rio Olympics, Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and untimely celebrity deaths.

It’s a celebration of modern anger in all its forms.

The night will be performed by an ensemble cast playing multiple parts in the tradition of Vaudeville theatre. Poetry, music, comedy and monologues will all feature covering one uniting subject; everything that’s angered us in 2016.

The performance will see original writing from five of our founding members; Ruth Hartnoll, Joel Whitall, Steph Dickinson and Gemma Curtis.

Follow the night during writing, rehearsals and live on stage with the #MadAsHell on Twitter.


Read what inspired us to write #MadAsHell and watch the infamous scene from The Network.

#MadAsHell posters by Ashley Johnson

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