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“The pub is the internet. It’s where information is gathered, collated and addressed. People are looser in a pub and everyone’s got a story. A pub can be a magical place. It’s socially crucial to the whole of Britain. In fact, the pub is like a watering hole. You’ll see all the animals standing around a lake and getting on because they want a drink; you take them away from the lake and they fall out with each other or worse. Every species has its pub.”

– Rhys Ifans

With these inspiring words in mind, four of our writers took on the challenge of writing about one of our favourite places; the pub. This night featured the work of Jon Gale, Tom Critch, Steph Dickinson and Gary Lunt.

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Playing Away

by Steph Dickinson
It’s the day of the Merseyside derby, but rival fans Robbo and To have other things on their minds. As events at a Travelodge in Birmingham are brought up, the friendly banter masks deeper feelings. Some things are more important than football, even in Liverpool, in this not-quite-romantic comedy.

In Here

by Tom Critch
Jane’s come for an interview in a pub miles out of town. A place where the Landlord appears to be the only living soul. Jane thinks she’ll be pulling pints and changing barrels, but not in here. In here time does not exist. In here the dead linger.

One For The Road

By Gary Lunt
Written by Gary Lunt and starring his long time performance collaborator Joe Hughes, One For The Road deals with the pairs favourite topics of conversation: Ghosts, relationships & wine. The aim was to create a monologue which is essentially a comedy and yet carries an underlying tragedy beneath it’s surface. The theatricality of a dark room beneath a bar tends to bring out these types of discussions between the pair, therefore exploring the three topics onstage proved to be an exciting challenge of translation.

One More?

By Jon Gale
A man tries to impress a girl he’s fancied in work by taking her out to the pub and getting the drinks in. Dating faux pas and awkward moments ensue – will he win her over? Or has he said the wrong thing too often? An empathetic and well observed piece of drama, balanced out by spot on humour.

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